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DieDev GmbH was originally founded exclusively as a solution provider in the energy market.

Based on our long experience in the areas of power protection and power quality, considering the evolving market for renewable energy (particularly in Germany - "Energiewende"), DieDev developed a toolbox for use with renewable assets.

The original prototype has now matured into our advanced power monitoring and control toolbox.

The core of the toolbox is a large collection of data from different sources - assets, weather forecasts, trading signals - and a unique core logic to dispatch power requirements between assets.

DieDev's second branch - international recruiting and HR - was started successfully in 2013, when we brought our first consultant from India to Berlin.

In the past years, DieDev has established a wide network of consultants from all over the world, national and international customers, and a vast amount of experience in HR. We have successfully placed consultants, both our employees and freelancers.


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We know better - we do better

See both sides

We at DieDev GmbH have decades of experience in IT as well as HR. A symbiosis of IT and professional HR.

We can read and understand project descriptions from our customers, as well as we can interpret CVs from our consultants.

Our focus is on centering on the customer.

Our customers

Our customers range from small startups that need quick help with specialized technology to large international companies that require long-term, continuous support for critical projects.

By reacting quickly to even the most specialized customer requests, we can help to solve unexpected situations and needs. Please ask us for examples and references.

Our consultants

We have a wide network of consultants, employed with DieDev, to be employed with DieDev as well as freelancers.

We can offer all from permanent placement to short term freelance jobs.

With our international contacts (among others India, Brazil and Egypt) we can find consultants that are otherwise difficult to recruit. And we help with relocation, visa support etc.

We call this FULL coverage

Our methods

We use advanced methods for recruiting new potentials, using not only social networks, but also the full bandwidth of plug-in supporting search with expertise in both IT and HR.

We have established a process we call the "three-steps method".

  • Step 1: Hightech search
  • Step 2: cultural check
    - First assessment of technical and particularly social competence by one of our experienced consultants
  • Step 3: Technical interview
    - An in-depth interview with one of our software developers to further assess technical competence and know-how and possible risks for our customers.


Our startup-spirits unites the areas of HR and IT.

As active member of the startup community and lots of experience in tech recruiting Linus Diestelkamp is responsive for our HR department. As such he is your first contact for any questions concerning recruiting and use of efficient methods and technologies.

Wolfgang Diestelkamp with his more than 35 years of experience as software developer and project manager is our CEO and supports our team with his expertise.

Our consultants with a wide area of experience are always there to help our founders with their specific knowledge.

Please ask us for references and our portfolio.


We are driven by the passion to deliver the best to our customers.

We thrive to always support people and our customers fully covering all their needs, and possibly help them make their dreams come true.

Our aim is not short-term profit, but a long-term relation with our employees, freelancers and customers.

Our family-driven company gives us all the spirit to believe in our strength and to give everybody the best possible service.


Offering you tailored solutions

Integrated Monitoring and Control

At the core of our system, we collect data. In todays evolving environment for (increasingly renewable) energy, data is everything. Based on the data collected we can run evaluations, learning algorithms, big-data for improving and balancing the performance of the systems as a whole.
Our system is designed to integrate all use-cases within renewable energies into one system by composing bricks from our toolbox to a customer specific solution.


Using a unique technique for instatiating components of our toolbox allows for unlimited scalability in conjunction with any required degree of redundancy in the system.
The system can be distributed to run on several hosts to ensure high availability of the system as a whole.


  • Online monitoring of assets
  • Online monitoring / assess quality of power delivery
  • Assess network quality
  • Balancing power
  • Load balancing
  • Geographical autonomy
  • Trading optimizitions

Connectivity with assets

We have implemented all standard protocols to connect with assets (among others IEC 61850, IEC60870-5-101/104, ModBus, Webservices and proprietary). We can easily connect and configure new assets in our system.

User Interface

Our user interface is purely web-based, and as such can be used from any web-capable device anywhere, without the need to install any dedicated software clients (of course considering all safety and security requirements).

External Sources

Configurable interfaces to a number of external are implemented, like weather forecast, energy stock exchange etc.


We are DieDev

Smiley face Wolfgang Diestelkamp  
Wolfgang - a computer scientist, software developer and project manager - is founder of the original DieDev.
He supports us with his knowledge in anything within IT, and his very special know-how and experience in the renewable energy sector.

Smiley face Linus Diestelkamp  
Linus is co-founder and head of our HR department.
As active member of the startup community Linus has gained experience as Tech Recruiter both inhouse and as Agency Recruiter always working for the top companies in their area as iZettle, Klarna and ThoughtWorks.
As our Co-Founder and Head of Recruitment he will be your first point of contact in all Recruitment topics and with his experience he will explore the best ways to find suitable candidates in a short timeframe for you together with you.

Smiley face Christoph Henning  
Christoph is our young professional, has a business informatics background and deals with the IT-Recruiting as well as conceptual questions. He is the second contact person if you have any question around the recruiting part and organizational topics.

Smiley face Paulo Dehnhardt  
Paulo Dehnhardt lived already in 5 countries, has a professional background in top multinationals and more than 10 years experience as an entrepreneur.
He is your key account manager & business developer for our energy system.


Positions with DieDev

You want to become part of an exciting high-tech company ? Please send your CV to .

Open positions:

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DieDev GmbH

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